Getting to Uppsala


For train travel within Sweden you may use Resrobot. For international travel more information is availible on Seat 61, and timetables on Deutsche Bahn.

In Sweden you can bring a bike as it is on many bus routes, most local trains and a few long distance trains. On the rest of long distance trains you have to use a soft bicycle bag.

Om du vill ta med cykel utan väska kan du använda bland annat SL pendeltåg, Upptåget, Mälartåg, TÅGAB och Flixtrain.


If you arrive by bike you may like to leave luggage at the start. You can use Roadfinder for finding good roads.


If you arrive by car there is parking space at Fyrishov sports centre near the finish. For multi-day parking you need a ticked bought in the reception. On Fyrishov there is also a camping site. Remember to rest properly before driving.


If you arrive by air you can take the SL commuter train from Arlanda C to Uppsala.