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Uppsala - Trondheim - Uppsala is not a race. There are time limitations, but the goal is to challenge yourself to a long ride. At the same time you will experience things over and above the usual; a ride in the same tracks of a classic pilgrim's way.

Uppsala-Trondheim - Uppsala is organized by Randonneur Stockholm, the randonneuring club serving the capital area.


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Uppsala Cathedral © 2005 Commonist. Public domain
Aerial view of Torsång © 2012 Kalle Ekund. GFDL 1.2
Städjan © 2011 Ankara. CC-SA 3.0
Nidaros Cathedral © 2015 DXR. CC-SA 4.0
Røros © 2005 Vberger. Public domain
Tre Björnar Hostel, Älvdalen © Tre Björnar

Other photos © Per Eric Rosén