Please notice: Information on this page is for UTU 2018. Rules for UTU 2022 may differ.

The rules for Uppsala - Trondheim - Uppsala are based on and are very similar to rules for Brevets Randonneurs Mondiaux.


Uppsala - Trondheim - Uppsala is open for all cyclists of 18 years or older. There is no requirement for any club membership. Participation requires a correct registration with acceptance of the conditions for participation. These conditions, including those for payment and repayment can be found on our page for riders.

Randonneur Stockholm reserves the right to make minor changes to the route, selection of controls or other parts of the ride.


Uppsala - Trondheim - Uppsala is not a competition. All participants are considered to be on a personal ride. Participants must have their own liability insurance and any other relevant insurance.

Randonneur Stockholm, participating partners or their representatives are not liable for damages to participants, third parties or property.

All riders must show respect for and are personally responsible for following the relevant rules of the road. Participants must obey instructions from event staff. Litter should be disposed of in a garbage bin or at a recycling center.


All forms of bikes driven by human power only may be used. A fee is required for each rider of a tandem bike.

Cycling at night or dusk requires lights. Lights that blink are not allowed.

Riders must wear a helmet, except for drivers of fully faired velomobiles.


All cycliest will follow the official route provided by way of GPX-file or cue sheet. If the route is left, it must be rejoined a the point where it was left. Alternative roads are only allowed where the officials have provided specific information.


All riders will receive a brevet card at the start. This card must be stamped at specific places, controls, along the route, including at the start. These controls might be manned by the organizers but can also consist of other procedures. If a control is designated as a "free control", then the card may be stamped at a place of your choice within that community. Secret controls are possible.

If a control is not manned, stamps that the organizers have arranged can be used. If there are none, electronic verification is also possible using Uppsala - Trondheim - Uppsala app, a photo of the cyclist or by getting verification from individuals.

A proof of passage must be done within the time frame limits of the control. The organizers can grant exceptions for this due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your brevet card must be signed and turned in after the last control at the finish.


Rider name, city, club and profile picture, rider location reports and ride results may be published on the event home page.

See the data policy page for details.


Support from non-participants may only occur at official controls, except in the event that a cyclist terminates participation. Support vehicles should avoid driving along the route in close vicinity of participating cyclists and they should avoid the route between Uppsala and Älvdalen altogether.


Any form of cheating will result in disqualification. Failure to follow these rules or instructions from the event staff can result in disqualification.

Rule interpretation

Randonneur Stockholm reserves the right of final interpretation of these rules. Any complaint or question must be submitted to the organizer within 7 days from the closing of the ride.