At the start, you may leave one or two dropbags. We provide a bag, approximately 40 · 40 cm. You can send drop bags to every manned control. You can also send two bags to the same control.

Bagageförvaring i Uppsala

It's also possible, in addition to the drop bag service, to leave luggage at the start. It can then later be picked up at the finish in Gamla Uppsala.


No glass containers or sharp objects. No flammable or toxic substances. Package batteries and electronics well, and ensure there is no risk of short circuit. We try to handle with normal care, but are not responsible for drop bag content. The bag should be possible to close fully.

No liquids or oils in the dropbag itself. Liquids are handed in separately. They should be stored in a well closed sturdy container, and that container being put in a water-tight plastic bag tied close.


At several controls there are two drop bag departures on the way back. If you are finished and checked out before the first time limit, your bag can be back in Uppsala already at wednesday. Drop bag arrival times are approximate.

Dropbag to Check in before Available from Available until Can be picked up in Uppsala from
Avesta saturday 09:00 tuesday 09:00 wednesday 12:00 wednesday 16:00
thursday 13:30 thursday 18:00
Leksand saturday 09:00 saturday 14:55 wednesday 10:00 wednesday 16:00
thursday 09:00 thursday 18:00
Älvdalen saturday 09:00 saturday 18:10 wednesday 08:00 wednesday 16:00
wednesday 19:00 thursday 18:00
Särna saturday 09:00 saturday 20:55 tuesday 16:00 wednesday 16:00
wednesday 12:20 thursday 18:00
Femundtunet saturday 09:00 saturday 23:40 monday 09:00 wednesday 16:00
Røros saturday 09:00 sunday 10:00 monday 15:00 wednesday 16:00
Trondheim saturday 09:00 sunday 14:00 tuesday 09:00 wednesday 16:00
Tydal saturday 09:00 sunday 15:00 tuesday 12:00 wednesday 16:00
tuesday 17:00 thursday 18:00
Tänndalen saturday 09:00 sunday 22:00 wednesday 08:00 thursday 18:00